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Slide english Before & After Bucket of Benefits We Have for you We asked our customers what work was like before
they used ManageArtworks, and how it’s improved
after switching to ManageArtworks

Our customers tried everything before switching to ManageArtworks; email, spreadsheets, Dropbox, Google Docs, Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Slack, Jira, phone calls and texts, MS project, SharePoint, tool supplied by their agency / pre-press vendor, Wrike, Workfront, etc.

ManageArtworks Valuable Customers

Did those tools work? Nope. Here's what our customers said when we asked them how it felt to manage artwork projects before they switched to ManageArtworks and how things changed for the better once they switched to ManageArtworks,

“I had to constantly follow up with each reviewer to get them to finish their task and update project status in an Excel. Now with ManageArtworks everyone can see the real-time status of any project. No more phone calls and follow ups.”

Artwork Coordinator, Food company

“In ManageArtworks, I can quickly change users and re-route to another person in the middle of a project. This was not possible in our in-house system and we had to re-do the project again.”

Project Manager, Salad manufacturer

“As part of our CFR Part 11 compliance, we needed complete audit logs of all actions taken by users. We were not able to achieve this using Excel sheets and ManageArtworks gave us the audit capabilities we require for meeting FDA regulations.”

Quality Assurance, Pharma company

“We were working in silos. Ability to setup workflows that connect internal department users, external agencies and print vendors brought about a refreshing change.”

Project Manager, Hommus Manufacturer

“I used to proofread packaging artworks with a measuring scale to ensure that they comply with FDA’s labeling regulations. Needless to say, this took days and there was a constant fear of non-compliance. With ManageArtworks, artwork proofing happens in a matter of minutes.”

Regulatory Manager, Beverage Manufacturer

“With ManageArtworks, I am confident of accessing the latest version of my packaging artwork. We used to have artworks saved across various locations. My project manager used to ask me for the latest version but as a designer, I always had 7 different versions from as many approvers. It used to be a nightmare, not anymore!”

Artwork Designer, Organic Food Manufacturer

“Proofing tools offered by Project Management companies appear to be woefully inadequate once you see what MangeArtworks has to offer. Being able to compare two versions of a file for both text and graphics is a blessing.”

QA Manager, Retailer

“Meeting bottling dates means everything to us. With ManageArtworks, we now have the flexibility to forward tasks to others, pull-back if something was submitted wrongly, terminate if project is cancelled and delegate to others if I am out-of-office. This is a game-changer”

Brand Manager, Wine Manufacturer

Packaging and Labeling share a collaborative relationship that is critical to the success of your product.
Both Internal Stakeholders (Marketing, Legal, Regulatory, QA, Procurement) and External Stakeholders (Printer, Design Agency, Translation Agency, Customer, Retailer, Supplier, Co-Packer and others) add value at different stages.

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