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What triggers Packaging Artwork creation and update?

October 6, 2016

Pharma and CPG companies initiate a packaging artwork or label creation process for many reasons. The following are some of the reasons a new artwork or a revision to an existing artwork is initiated.

  1. New Product / SKU / Component: A new product or even a new variant of an existing product would require a new artwork.
  2. New Manufacturing Location / Distributor / Supplier: Typically an address change or a manufacturing location change could trigger an artwork change. Sometimes products transferred to another plant (called “site transfers” or “site changes”) trigger labeling changes. Labeling changes in “Distributed by”, “Imported by”, “Marketed by” and “Manufactured by” occur when there are changes in these entities.
  3. New Market / Country: This may require artworks in different languages or even multi-language packs where there are more than one language in the same pack.
  4. New Design / Product Re-Launch: Many times marketing might wish to revamp the design or colors in the product packaging to make it more appealing. This definitely triggers a new artwork creation.
  5. Line Extension / Market Extension: As more variants and more markets are added, the labels also need to change to reflect these changes
  6. Offer packs / Combo Packs / Promo packs: In many companies this is the primary reason for artwork changes. Every promotional campaign triggers artwork changes to all the SKU related to the campaign.
  7. Regulatory change: These changes are unavoidable and are notified well in advance. There is also a deadline by which these kind of regulatory changes must be done.
  8. Logo / Branding change: Typically after an M&A event, the logo or the corporate colors might change. In this case, every artwork in the company must undergo this change.

New product related artwork creation is typically less than revision to existing artworks and labels. Each of these processes may have different approval processes and stakeholders.

Changes in artwork trigger other processes and their respective stakeholders need to be notified. These include the Procurement team (so that they will not order the old artwork from the printer), the Manufacturing Team (so that they have visibility into production planning), the e-commerce team (so that they can upload the necessary images into the e-commerce portals),

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