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Scenario 19: Can’t someone else from Jack’s team review the artwork?

marzo 29, 2019

Artwork Management Challenges – Part 2

How many times has someone gone out-of-office and forgotten to tell you? More often than I care to admit. Artwork reviews are starting to pile up in Jack’s inbox and no one is aware he is out-of-office. Jack hasn’t checked his email and when the project manager calls him after a couple of days, everyone is upset.

ManageArtworks has a couple of things that will save Jack from this embarrassment. First is the Designate feature which allows him to assign all artwork review tasks to someone else in his absence. So while Jack is out on vacation, his review tasks automatically get forwarded to his co-worker. When he is back in office, he can instruct the system to stop forwarding his review tasks. Even if Jack forgets to designate someone before he went on vacation, he can call the project manager (who has admin privileges) to set the Designate option on his behalf.

Sometimes you are in-office but too busy to work on artwork review. The ManageArtworks system includes a Forward option which allows you to forward your tasks to a co-worker. Your co-worker will receive an email notification informing about the forwarded tasks.

So getting work done whether you are busy in office or out on vacation is simple using ManageArtworks.

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