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Dieline Repository for CPG Industry

junio 9, 2020

Dieline Repository for CPG Industry

How do you reckon which artworks are impacted when dielines are subjected to changes? The ManageArtworks platform alerts you about which artworks are going to be affected and how many of them. In addition to dielines, technical drawings, technical evaluation, and line trial-related data with diagrams can be managed using our packaging data management system. 

The platform analyzes one dieline-to-many artworks relationships

The platform is collaborative in its characteristics and will also work with your vendors and suppliers who can be given authorized access to manage the dielines.


  • Dieline Repository

Access pre-determined metadata at any time. It helps you access, edit, and approve dielines. With the most updated versions of dielines in place, you can ensure brand consistency across the product portfolio.


  • Linking dielines to artworks

This helps you prevent creating new dielines or ordering new dies and ensure uniformity in size. So when a 20 oz juice pack’s dieline is linked to its 10 respective flavors, you can be rest assured that whenever you make any change reflected in the original dieline, you will be notified of the SKU variants that are using the same dieline.

Key Benefits

  • Save time with resource optimization

You can significantly save on time when the ‘impact analysis’ tells you which artworks will be affected. It helps you increase your speed-to-market.

  • Reuse artworks

The earlier workflow entailed the designer manually updating dieline specifications to each variant at great risk. With consistency assured across new changes, there’s little to no chance of going wrong with our dieline management application.

  • Support multiple launches

Get the dielines charted out to support multiple products launched across platforms from a single place. 

With ManageArtworks’ Dieline Management System, you’re effectively eliminating the following risks of

  1. Launching late
  2. Launching late in multiple markets
  3. Missing out on potential revenue
  4. Sub-optimally using time to focus on other crucial aspects of the launch
  5. Over-reliance on emails, storage drives, folders, cloud and the lot
  6. Uncertainty about whether a particular dieline exists
  7. Wasting time in creating a whole dieline when an accurate one already exists
  8. Causing delay in other business operations to function
We’d be glad to help you become more proactive pre-launch instead of being reactive post-launch. 

Have our experts reach out to you and demonstrate how.


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