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ManageArtworks Ai plugin

June 16, 2020

ManageArtworks Adobe plugin  

Bring your workflow and Pack Copy inside Adobe Illustrator


Designers are constantly receiving pack copy text and briefs through email, word and excel documents. They cut-and-paste the text and design the artwork as per the brief. Did they use the latest version of the text? Did they leave out something when cutting and pasting? Did they get everyone’s inputs before starting the design? All these are valid issues today leading to constant rework of the artwork which in turn leads to project delays.

ManageArtworks Adobe plugin brings the pack copy right inside the Adobe Illustrator tool where the designer needs it.


  1. Make the designer part of the workflow

    With the Adobe plugin, designers can now login and access ManageArtworks from within Adobe Illustrator. They can access their tasks, access pack copy information and files from the asset library. All without leaving their work tool.
  2. Easy access to Pack Copy

    With all the pack copy available within the plugin, the designer can just drag-and-drop the text on the artwork and style it. No more cut-and-paste of text from files. The pack copy is guaranteed to be the approved latest version of the text.
  3. Copy change notifications and update

    If the text in any of the pack copy elements change, the plugin will immediately be notified of the change and the designer can see instantly which copy elements have changed. An update button automatically shows up if the text in the artwork and the corresponding text in the ManageArtworks Copy Manager is different. The designer can choose to update the text by simply clicking on the update button and the text will be updated keeping the styling the same.

  4. Access Artwork Annotations

    Annotations and remarks made by artwork reviewers can be directly accessed by the designer when opening up the artwork within Adobe Illustrator.

  5. Use files from the Asset Library

Images, logos, icons and symbols needed to design the artwork can be added directly from the Asset Library. The latest updated version of these files will be available for the designer. Similarly, the designer can search and import the dieline that needs to be used for the artwork directly from the Dieline repository in the Asset Library



  1. High re-usability of textKeep reusing a particular copy-text for multiple artworks. This removes the error-prone method of fetching the content sheet, selecting the required text, and pasting at a risk of accidentally changing a letter or a punctuation.
  2. Change only what is neededIt’s like a spot treatment but for artworks. Most existing artworks only require updations. Since the text is already updated from the database, all your designer needs to do is drag and drop the updated text.
  3. Reducing reliance on multiple systems to fetch dataBid goodbye to switching tabs between MS office/Email/DAM and the artwork. The Ai plugin is all you need to rely on for specific and relevant text.
  4. More power to designers in local marketsAll they need is the updated master text in English to translate into their local languages. Once they upload their translations into the database they can keep reusing it in case of any updations. In fact, this is a huge burden lifted off the designing team at the HQs since they need not bear the risk of mistranslation.
  5. Faster launchAutomating highly manual, error-prone, time-consuming task pushes your products to the shelves way faster than before. 

If you produce an artwork today, you’ve got two options ahead of you: Would you depend on more traditional, manual processes that can only scale by adding more manpower, or would you want to automate all the time-consuming, repetitive parts of the process and produce at scale?

We’d be glad to help you become more proactive pre-launch instead of being reactive post-launch. 

Have our experts reach out to you and demonstrate how.


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