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What’s New in ManageArtworks Version 1.5?

mayo 26, 2016

ManageArtworks was designed with Packaging Artworks and Labeling in mind. We are glad to release
ManageArtworks Version 1.5; This is just one step forward in helping our clients manage Packaging Artworks efficiently. We’re sure that you’ll love it…

The additional features that we added to the current version are as follows:

  1. Compare an Artwork against a file in Desktop / in Library / in the same request
  2. manageBuilt-in Intelligence to stop Duplicate Files
  3. Handle related files like Artworks, KLDs, Source Files, etc.
  4. 21 CFR 11 Compliance: Password Policies, Audit Trails
  5. Notify stakeholders if a request is terminated
  6. Configure the Display Fields as per your requirement
  7. Reply to Checklist

Should you have any questions or need help, please e-mail us at

Thanks for all your support and feedback.

We’re excited to be entering this next phase of an even- more-awesome ManageArtworks.


ManageArtworks Team

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