Standard and Customized Workflows

Standard Workflows and Customized Workflows – ManageArtworks comes pre-loaded with a combination of over 24 workflows. However, ManageArtworks can be customized to handle your organisation’s approval processes.

Even in an organisation, a New Artwork request and a Revision request would go through a different approval process and different set of stakeholders. ManageArtworks will be configured to handle the different approval processes.

Standard and Customized Workflows

Map all Roles

The generic roles mapped are

Uploader, Reviewer, Approver, Final Approver.

ManageArtworks can be configured to handle the business logic of your organisation like

a) Checklist Based Approval

b) Mandatory Fields (eg: Change Control Number) during Artwork Revision

c) Initiator to Provide Brief Mandatorily

Serial and Parallel workflows

Checklist Based Approval

Users can review / approve a file through a structured checklist. The Checklist can be configured as per Category, Country, Component Type, etc.

Checklist Based Review ensures consistency in review and easier on boarding of new stakeholders.

Users can also comment on the checklist so that there is collaboration across the value chain.

File sharing


All users receive email alerts if there is a request pending for them. ManageArtworks automatically intimates all the participants if a request is completed.

ManageArtworks can also send e-mails to Non-users to notify them about a request completion. For example, Marketing Director / Manager Procurement can be notified about an Artwork Approval, even if they are not part of the approval process.

Email Alerts

Activity Duration

Set the duration benchmark for every user so that ManageArtworks can send reminder e-mails.

Duration Benchmark

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