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Artwork Review-Pro

Everything you need to get your Artwork Projects going

Workflow with Templates | Automated Proofing | Asset Library | Checklists | Reports

Artwork Approval Workflows

Initiate artwork projects, attach files, route to reviewers, approve or reject artworks and print proofs, receive email alerts on pending tasks, track status of artworks and keep everyone on the same page

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Collaboration and Proofing Tools

Use checklists and annotation tools to collaborate and reduce reworks

Verify barcodes, fonts, colors and layers used in the artwork. Compare between versions to identify the differences before sign-off

Asset Library

Search for Artworks in a central library, tag artworks with any keyword, automatically manage different versions of the files, thumbnails for quick preview, browse files through folders or filter using meta-data

Reporting and Metrics

Get insights from real-time data

Identify bottlenecks in the workflow, monitor status of projects, causes for rework and ensure that your artworks are released on time

Project management tools and shared drives aren’t going to cut it!

How do you manage your packaging artworks? Do you currently save your artworks and other files on a shared drive or a DMS?  Are you following any defined processes or a workflow to approve artworks?

What changes when you start using Pro?

Short Term

With the addition of online proofing tools, users reduce the number of hours spent on manual proof reading of the artwork. Proof reading tools enable errors to be identified faster and sooner leading to reduction in number of reworks and faster approval cycles.

Improved efficiency leads to increase in overall quality and compliance. With access to checklists by department, you can now select “Yes”, “No” or “Not Applicable” and optionally put a comment for each checklist item. See what your colleagues have marked in their checklist

Long Term

Cost of quality reduces with significant increase in volume of artworks processed. Ability to respond faster to market demands without compromising on quality and compliance.

Increased speed to market results in increased revenue from product launches.

More than 3000 brands use ManageArtworks everyday

Client - JBS
Client - Amul
Client - Trinchero
Client - Aqthia
Client - Nivea
Client - Dr. Reddy's

Artwork Review Pro

Free for 10 artworks*

    • Fixed Workflow with Templates
    • Asset Library (50 GB)
    • Image Comparison (PDF vs PDF)
    • Text Comparison (PDF vs PDF)
    • Proofing Suite
    • Department-wise Checklists
    • Standard Reports

    • Email and Chat Support
    • Onboarding

*Your account will be deleted after 60 days of non-usage.

Ready to go ‘Pro’

Free for 10 artworks | Free onboarding | 24x7 Email and Chat Support

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Thinking about how to get started?
Fill in your details and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly!