Version Comparison

ManageArtworks provides option to compare not just two versions of an Artwork, but also an Artwork against the Key Line Diagram, an Artwork against an artwork of a different SKU.

There are various modes of compare: Side-By-Side, Flicker, Differences.

Compare Artwork Version


ManageArtworks recognises the Barcodes used in the file and provides the details, that include Barcode Number, Barcode Magnification, etc.

ManageArtworks recognises all major barcodes including 1-D, 2-D, EAN, Pharma Code, etc.

Barcode Validation


Measure dimensions- Accurate onscreen measurement of dimensions for Artworks, Vendor Proofs, Key Line Diagrams, etc.

Measure in Inches / Millimetres.

Dimension Measurement

Color & Layer Recognition

Proof read colours- Online colour separation (CMYK, Pantones) and layer separation tools are available.

ManageArtworks recognises the Colours (both CMYK, Pantones) and Layers used in the File.

Online color separation Tool

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