Central Library

A Central library of all Packaging Artworks, Source Files, Vendor Proofs, Brand Assets, Video Files. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Group by Brand / SKU / Manufacturer, etc.

Thumbnails for visual recognition of files.

Manage the files by Document Types (like Artworks, Source files, Brief, Key Line Diagrams, Vendor Proofs, Brand Assets, Specifications, etc. )

Central Library of packaging artworks

Instant Access

Get instant access to the latest version of your files.

Search by a combination of SmartTags (Brand, SKU, Manufacturer, Distributor, etc.) for instant search.

Bookmark your favourite files for instant access.

Instant access to the latest version

Comprehensive Search

Search using brand, SKU code, country, manufacturing location, component type and many more.

Search using Barcode, Colour Name, etc.

Searching for Brand, SKU code and etc.

Store any Format

Store any file format (Illustrator, InDesign, Corel, PDF, MS Office, and Video Files). No Limitation on the File Type or the File Size.

Upload multiple files.

Bulk upload files and Tag them with meta-data for easy retrieval.

File Format Storage

Manage Supply Status

Segregate Registration, In-Production (commercial) and Obsolete files for easy access.

Manage Supply Status

Audit Log

Maintains an audit log of all actions, as per US FDA 21 CFR 11 regulations.

All actions are captured with Date and Time Stamp and cannot be edited.

Maintains an audit log

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