ManageArtworks addresses the global market directly and through partners who are present at strategic locations across the globe.

ManageArtworks’ partners are leading domain, functional consultants and agencies in packaging and provide technology solutions and services to customers in their respective markets. They are fully supported by ManageArtworks to cater to customers in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices, bio-technology, pet care, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage and cosmetics.

ManageArtworks Partners Worldwide
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Brazil: +55 11 99687 4835

Australia: +61 2 9746 2336

USA: +1 (609) 436 9249

MiddleEast: +971508 512 378

If you are a customer in any of the above locations and interested in exploring ManageArtworks software, email us at

Why Partner ManageArtworks?

As a ManageArtworks Partner you will see a great number of benefits:

High returns Attractive discounted license prices present your organization with substantial potential to increase your revenue and grow the business.

Flexibility ManageArtworks works with its partners to address local market conditions for mutual benefit.

Market opportunity Our packaging label/ artwork management solution enables you to penetrate multiple industries, providing you with a broad range of business opportunities.

Support & Resources ManageArtworks is committed to furnishing your organization with comprehensive training and dedicated marketing, sales, and technical resources to ensure our mutual success.

Product Usage ManageArtworks offers its partners the right to use the ManageArtworks product for demonstration and marketing.

Training - ManageArtworks provides extensive training for marketing, sales, pre-sales and implementation teams.

If you partner with ManageArtworks you can extend your reach to your existing client base or branch into new markets and gain new customers by leveraging our industry specific solutions, experience, resources and support. Tap into the growing market potential and increase your revenues by partnering with ManageArtworks.

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