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Artwork Proofing

Proofread your artworks reliably, consistently and quickly

Asset Library | Image & Text Comparison |
Color, Font, Barcode & Layer Analysis | Spell Check

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What do you get in Artwork Proofing?

Asset Library

Store all your packaging artworks, dielines, specifications in one central place. Search and retrieve the latest version of your packaging artwork with ease


Mark and comment on your packaging artwork during review. Make sticky notes, highlights, text notes, strikethroughs, shapes, arrows, etc. to mark up the artwork

Barcode Analysis

Identify all 1D, 2D, and 3D Barcodes and verify them. Measure and grade the quality of a printed barcode according to international ISO/IEC standards

Image Comparison

Compare two versions of your packaging artworks and identify the differences in images and text. Image comparison does a pixel to pixel comparison of the two files. You can view all the deviations and click on any differences to show the compromising area

Color Analysis

Preview color separation and ink coverage to ensure that the printed artwork meets your requirements. Spot any CMYK or Pantone colors used in the packaging artwork

Layer Analysis

Preview layer separations on your monitor and detect problems without the expense of printing separations

Text Comparison

Compare the text between two versions of your packaging artworks. Text differences are categorized by missing, added, changes in text, font differences, and case differences, and highlighted on the artwork

Font Analysis

Check all the font details by moving your mouse over a character or a word in the packaging artwork. All text in the artwork is extracted and organized by font size and font names

Spell Check

Ensure that you get your spellings right on your packaging artwork. ManageArtworks currently supports 20+ languages with an option to add custom dictionaries (e.g. medical dictionary)


Artwork Proofing

Free for 7 days

    • Asset Library (50 GB)
    • Image Comparison (PDF vs PDF)
    • Text Comparison (PDF vs PDF)
    • Color Analysis
    • Font Analysis
    • Barcode Recognition
    • Layer Recognition
    • Spell Check
    • Annotation Tools

    • Email and chat support
    • Onboarding

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    Why Artwork Proofing?

    Artwork Proofing can function as a standalone tool. You do not have to wait for a buy in from everyone involved in the artwork approval process before you try it out

    Artwork Proofing helps you automatically proofread and share proofing reports with all of your other stakeholders

    There aren't many companies built to proofread artwork files. Artwork Proofing is exclusively designed keeping packaging artworks proofreading in mind

    Artwork Proofing comes with a centralized repository with advanced 'search and retrieves' functionality based on configurable metadata

    You do not have to wait for Multi-department approvals before you try us out. Sign up today!

    Make your designer's job an absolute breeze by making it easy to convey the comments from your packaging artwork review

    What can you look forward to in short and long term?

    Short term

    Better efficiency

    Manual proofreading is labor intensive and error-prone. Furthermore, mass revisions make it difficult to proofread artworks with precision. You don't have to manually proofread your artwork again

    Automated Proofreading

    Recent surveys show that automatic proofreading takes 1/6th of the time it takes to manually proofread packaging artworks. Need we say more?

    Faster Artwork Review

    Efficient Proofing tools can help in speeding up the artwork review process

    Long term

    Organizational Road Map

    Proofing can extend backwards to incorporate management of your pack copy along with being able to review your files and sending the copies of your metadata for review

    Reduce your time to market

    The easy and accurate proofreading ensures that you respond faster to the market without compromising on quality and compliance

    Earn bigger profits

    Reach greater returns by leveraging your pack-shots and product meta-data directly from the ManageArtworks DAM to eCommerce sites

    Loved by more than 4000 brands across the globe

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    Thinking about how to get started?
    Fill in your details and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly!