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Slide english Smart Checklists Automated & Dynamic Checklist Automate your regulatory and brand

ManageArtworks with its AI capabilities can automatically check some of the regulatory and brand requirements in an artwork. The following can be currently checked:

  • Static Text (presence or absence of text)
  • Dynamic Text – sentence building based on variables, e.g Store at X degrees
  • Net content analysis
  • Nutrition Panel analysis
  • Allergen declaration check
  • Check presence or absence of symbols, icons and logos (brand logo, Organic symbol, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and Distribution addresses
  • Storage and Handling instructions

and many more…

Each checklist is configured to suit the organization’s needs. The checklist can vary based on the product category, market or country, regulatory body, pack size, etc.  These checks are done automatically on the artwork and the system marks the checklist with a red or green color code to denote pass or fail. Users can then click on each checklist item to see the area in the artwork where the system identified the item.

Based on deep learning, the ManageArtworks system can identify logos, symbols and icons.This can help in identifying, for example, if Organic declaration, Gluten Free declaration, etc. are done or not.

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