Getting your label right the first time will ensure that your product reaches the market on time.

Organisation's aim is to deliver high quality, compliant product information to its customers. Failure to get the label right will lead to recalls and audits.

Worried about labels?

Back & forth communication between the stakeholders in conveying views and suggestions and lack of clarity of one another’s expectations take a huge toll on the time and the speed of a packaging label approval.

An Artwork Management system with standard and customised workflows capable of mapping all roles with a checklist based approval process is the need of the hour.

Product Labeling - Get it Right

Product Labeling - Get it Right

There are limitations in manual proofing packaging labels viz. barcode, colors and dimensions. This limitation may allow non-accurate artworks to be approved which may result in rejections post printing.

Manual proofreading is error prone, takes a long time and delays approvals.


Project based multi-component workflows


Automatic Artwork comparison



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