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Uncompromising Quality ensured with Collaboration and Proofing tools

December 13, 2019

Communication breakdown among stakeholders can have serious consequences.

KFC’s disastrous introduction of its product in China in 1987 was mainly because they failed to check the translation of their ubiquitous slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” with their team in China. The outcome of their launch was this:

Errors like these sound incredibly far-fetched to one’s imagination but they’re fairly common. And while KFC was quick to rectify their blunder, there’s a way for you to completely avoid making these blunders in the first place. 

Packaging artworks are reviewed and approved by at least 6 to 9 different departments, with each function contributing to a specific portion of the copy text information. Communication typically happens through multiple emails and phone calls. Since many individuals representing these departments have to collaborate together, the absence of an artwork management system leads to unstructured communication. This leads to delays in artwork release and can subsequently delay product launch. Repetitive reworks are sometime due to lack of a proper understanding of what was requested to be changed and where.

Packaging Artwork Management is evolving from a departmental file management tool to an enterprise wide workflow and collaboration system. With collaboration and proofing tools in place, its simple to verify, compare and annotate on your artwork.

ManageArtworks allow you to:

  1. View the artworks and associated files like dielines, cutter guides, etc. and measure their dimensions
  2. Annotate on the artwork
  3. Validate the barcode on the artwork, including the
    1. Barcode type
    2. Barcode Magnification
    3. Barcode number and,
    4. Scan grade
  4. Perform color separations and layer separations online
  5. Compare brief against the artwork
  6. Compare versions of the artwork with each other including vendor proofs.

In the next few articles, we will talk in detail about the power of collaboration and proofing tools:

ManageArtworks Viewer Capabilities – Part 1

ManageArtworks Viewer Capabilities – Part 2

ManageArtworks Viewer Capabilities – Part 3

ManageArtworks Viewer Capabilities – Part 4

A collaborative platform doesn’t just open floodgates of information among stakeholders. It helps you leverage their inputs on a given artwork in real time.

Having a critical understanding of your existing systems and processes is just solving 50% of your problem. Choosing the right artwork management partner resolves the rest.

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