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Do you know where your digital assets are right now!!!

February 26, 2016

Is it with your agency? Is it in some shared drive? Is it in your laptop?

The fact is, it could be in all of the above. A quick survey of CPG companies’ capability to locate the latest version of their digital assets reveals that each Brand Manager, Category Manger or Marketing manager has a different answer. A digital asset (a packaging artwork or a promotional material) is touched by at least 7 to 8 departments and 2 to 3 external stakeholders (agencies, pre-press, and printers). Each one of these stake holders most probably has a copy of the asset somewhere in their email inbox or on their desktop. So who has the latest approved version? No one can really tell.

digitalOne CPG company where we implemented the ManageArtworks system, reached out to all their printers to get the latest version of their artworks to upload into our system. Without a central asset library with version controlled asset management, you are setting yourself up for numerous hours of re-work and delays.

Consider the case of a multinational cosmetic company that relied on one agency for all their design work. The agency kept all the files and the company would make requests for new creative and changes to existing artwork. It was definitely convenient to work with just one agency, but it did not scale. As the product portfolio grew and the number of SKUs multiplied, the agency could not keep up with the volume of work. The agency focused on the lucrative new product design work while ignoring the low paying adaptation and correction work. The company was unable to move these jobs to other agencies who were happy to work for less and deliver faster, because they did not have access to the original asset files.

Get your artworks and promotional material into a central asset library like ManageArtworks and breathe easy.

Don’t be caught unawares when you really need the assets.  Spend more time on planning your campaign than worrying about where to find your assets.

ManageArtworks helps address the digital asset management problem. To know more please visit our website

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