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Scenario 2: Mike from production just called. We got the SAP code wrong again.

June 28, 2019

The last time that happened, there was a primary and secondary packaging mismatch. The instance before, we issued PO to the print vendor for the wrong artwork. When you get the item code from SAP wrong, it could affect the Bill of Materials and the associated specifications.

A global pharmaceutical major had implemented SAP. Their packaging artwork approvals were routed manually through email with SAP codes entered in the subject line. Someone checks emails or calls IT or logs into SAP to find this item code. Data entry is error-prone and with the SAP code being the unique identifier for each SKU, getting the code wrong can affect all downstream operations.

ManageArtworks, an Artwork Management System (AMS) can be integrated seamlessly with SAP, other ERPs, QMS and e-commerce websites to avoid this risk. With item code, the product and SKU master data from SAP can be used to auto-populate artwork request form in the AMS which will make project initiation easy and the data accurate. With integration, you can push approved artwork file to SAP to trigger release of vendor purchase order. You can even check stock information on obsoleted artworks to prevent packaging write-offs.

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