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Scenario 3: Our customer wants to audit our artwork approval process

June 28, 2019

While your company might have a defined process to follow for artwork design and approval, it is pertinent to ask yourself, “Is your process auditable?”

The problem with using emails for collaboration is you need to trace all the back and forth exchanges at the time of audit which is tedious. Online file storage applications are good for dumping large amounts of data and with a rudimentary version control for your files but it is not built to capture information that can satisfy an auditor. E.g. Audit logs are not available of who did what action and when.

A standalone file storage application also does not track the journey of the artwork file from draft to final approved version. ManageArtworks does that for you, every step of the way. There is a clear activity and audit trail with timestamps for each action performed within the system. During an audit, you simply log in to the application to retrieve information about every artwork, its current status, approval history and more.

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