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Scenario 4: Our print vendor did not get the email for some reason

June 28, 2019

This year, Christmas promo ideas got approved at the nick of time. Joan’s team really need to scramble now to create the artwork and get it printed. As soon as Joan came out of the meeting, she instructed her team to get started with the artwork design and approval. They had exactly a week to get the printed version to production.

Over the course of next few days, she saw back and forth email exchanges between her team and different stakeholders within the company collaborating to approve the draft artwork. She even received the final approved version.

A day before the deadline, she called the printer to check if the printed labels were dispatched. “Well Joan, we got a call from someone in your team informing us about the new promo labels but I am still waiting for the email with artwork attachment to get started on the print proof.”

Now there could be many reasons, ranging from human error to technical glitch, behind why the print vendor did not receive their email with artwork attachment but what is important is they had to push the promo launch by three days. They had to prepare and approve the print proof first, release the PO and arrange shipment to the plant. Same as with artwork, you hardly get the print proof right the first time.

ManageArtworks can solve this problem. When you route the artwork project through this system, print vendor users receive the artwork and associated attachments as a link to their email address. Print vendor users can also be given limited access to the artwork management system to route print proof approvals online.

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