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Artwork Review

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Workflows are the backbone of all artwork review and approval processes. While there are standard workflows available within ManageArtworks, they can also be configured to match your own custom process. Multiple workflows can be supported in the same system. ...

E.g. a separate workflow to approve artworks for a New Product and a second workflow for an artwork change to an existing product. Artwork approval and Print Proof approval workflows could be two separate processes. Customers often include Concept approval, Specification approval other related workflows in the same system

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Project Information

While initiating an artwork project, information related to the project can be entered in a form. The form fields can be configured to include the fields that you need. Data in the form can be fetched from Master Data (e.g. Brand, Sub-brand, etc.) within ManageArtworks or from other systems like ERP, PLM and PIM. Master data is typically presented as pick lists for the user to select. ...

Projects can include a single component or one SKU with multiple components or multiple SKUs with multiple components. E.g. 12 oz. Apple Juice Label (single component), 12 oz. Apple Juice front label and back label (multiple components) and 12 oz. and 24 oz. Apple Juice with each having front and back labels (multiple SKUs and multiple components)

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Real-time Status Tracking

All artwork workflows can be tracked in real-time. Based on each activity duration, the system can predict the planned and estimated dates. A color coded ‘traffic light’ system is used to denote projects which are running on time and ones that are delayed ...

The dashboard and workflow views always show the current status of the workflow and who it's pending with

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External teams

Workflows can include both internal and external users. A typical artwork approval workflow would include the agency users for uploading the artwork file and the print vendors for downloading the approved artwork and uploading the print proofs.... Other external users could include suppliers, customers, CMO and CPO. Access permissions are set so that external users have limited access and can view or participate only on workflows they have been assigned to. This also ensures that one vendor does not see another vendor’s data or activities

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ManageArtworks reporting gives you a better overview of your data to find bottlenecks and areas of improvement. Key metrics such as number of workflow projects, average time taken for artwork approval, percentage of First Time Right (FTR) projects can be tracked

Workflow Templates

Each workflow requires user roles mapped to each task in the workflow. Creating different sets of these roles-to-tasks mapping are called templates. E.g. you could create two templates for an artwork approval workflow, one for domestic products and another for export products. ...

The difference in the templates will be that export products will have a different set of people (in marketing, regulatory and quality departments) than the domestic products, mapped to the tasks. Templates are convenient and quick to use as everything is pre-set and all you have to do is put in the project information and initiate a workflow

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File Attachments

Any type of file can be drag-n-dropped onto the artwork project. There are no restrictions in the format, size or number of files that can be attached. Typical files that are attached are Pack Copy and Specifications, Print Specifications, Marketing Briefs, Dielines, Artworks, Print Proofs and other related documents.... Files can be uploaded from the desktop or linked from the Asset Library. Each file is automatically version controlled and all versions are maintained in the system

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Dashboard and Views

When a user logs into ManageArtworks, the dashboard shows the tasks currently in the Inbox of the user. These are the tasks pending to be completed by the user. Besides the Inbox, there are many other views to see the artwork project ...

There are views for My Projects, Projects in progress, Completed projects, Terminated projects, etc. Each of these views give more information about the project and the user can drill down to see the files and activity log of the project at any time. Users can drill down from a Project to a list of SKUs or Components in the project

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Artwork viewer and Proofing tools

During the artwork review process, users can view the artwork file in the browser and use a variety of collaboration and proofing tools to communicate and validate the artwork.... Included among the tools are checklists, annotation tools, measurement tools, color and layer separation, font analysis, barcode and braille validation, image comparison, text comparison and spell check.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

ManageArtworks DAM provides a secure version controlled repository for all types of your digital assets. Files can be searched and retrieved with the help of tagged metadata. All assets are secured with a powerful set of role-based access control. So, it’s easy to provide access to required users while making sure other assets are not visible.


The department users, external agency users and print vendors are all stakeholders within the artwork approval system. Users can forward their tasks to another person in their department to take care of. If you are Out-of-Office (OOO) you can set up the system to automatically forward all requests to your designated person. ...

Authorized users (e.g. Project Manager) can change stakeholders for a particular task while the workflow is in process. Each activity is allocated a certain amount of time and the user performing the task will receive alerts at the start of the activity and a reminder when the task is delayed

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Activity Log

All activities performed during the artwork review and approval workflow are captured and presented as an activity log in a chronological order. ...It shows who did what and when. It also shows who uploaded which version of the file and the start and end dates for each activity. Each approvers decision ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ is captured in the log. This activity log acts as an audit of the artwork project

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Email Notifications

All users linked to a workflow get email notifications at various stages of the workflow. When a task is assigned or overdue to the user, an email alert is sent. Email alerts can be configured at any stage of the workflow. ...

It can also be sent to users who are not part of the workflow but need to be notified. E.g. Notify the supply chain team when an artwork is approved. The body of the email contains all the project information with a direct link to the project

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Access Permissions

All users in the workflow have a personalized Inbox where tasks pending with them are displayed.By default, users cannot see other users' inbox items. The ‘My projects’ view automatically shows the projects where the user is involved.... Permission can be set for who can initiate an artwork project and who has access to the Asset Library and Reports

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Get 60% Reduction in Approval Time

Reduce Packaging Write-offs to $0

Get 100% Regulatory and Brand compliance

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Artwork Review Pro

Pre-configured Workflow

Studio Artwork & Approval Process, Print Proof Approval Process

Customizable Workflow*

Available with Custom*

Create Workflow Templates

Asset Library (50 GB)*

Additional Storage can be purchased at $50/ 100 GB

Image Comparison (PDF vs PDF)

Text Comparison (PDF vs PDF)

Color Recognition

Font Recognition

Barcode Recognition

Layer Recognition


Department-wise Checklists

Configurable Checklists*

Available with Custom*

Standard Reports

Customizable Reports*

Available with Custom*


Available with Custom*

Pivot Table*

Available with Custom*

Email Support

Chat Support



Available with Custom*

Integrate your Artwork Review with

Copy Manager

Get all your pack copy collated and approved in one place


Packaging and Print Specifications

Manage your specifications to save money, time and materials


eCommerce Integration

Push Product information and images required for an e-Commerce website in any format (including GDSN) from ManageArtworks


Print Inspection

Catch print errors before they reach the market


SAP Integration

Breakdown data silos and integrate for a seamless workflow


Smart Checklist

Automate your regulatory and brand checks

Adobe Plugin

Adobe Plugin

Bring your workflow and Pack Copy inside Adobe Illustrator


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Centralize digital assets to efficiently service your eCommerce and packaging supply chain


Data Migration

We can help you move your existing packaging assets, specifications and copy text from your legacy systems into ManageArtworks


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