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ManageArtworks with Copper Cane

November 16, 2018

Owned and operated by Joseph Wagner, Copper Cane Wines & Provisions has chosen ManageArtworks as their preferred platform for managing artworks digitally.  Copper Cane is based in Napa Valley and houses a collection of brands that are crafted to offer a touch of luxury for everyday indulgence. The current portfolio includes: Carne Humana Red and White Wines from Napa Valley; Beran California, Napa, and Sonoma Zinfandels; and Elouan Pinot Noir from Oregon. Copper Cane is also home to Avrae, a premium line of cigars, and Mia Marcelle, a luxurious swimwear collection.

ManageArtworks is a cloud-based solution with the following capabilities:

  1. Structured digital library with advanced search and versioning capabilities
  2. Customizable artwork approval workflows
  3. Sophisticated proofing module and
  4. Performance monitoring and analytics through dashboard reporting.

ManageArtworks has a proven track record for helping global brands:

  • Achieve brand and regulatory compliance
  • Bolster revenue by reducing approval time and packaging write-offs
  • Speed up time-to-market with error-free compliant artworks.

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