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What do we do?

Packaging Artwork Management

And when you google this term, this pops up right on top

ManageArtworks - a Karomi solution

We created an Explainer

It's a system that helps regulated companies around the world reach their markets sooner and achieve compliance.

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At Karomi, you'll be remembered for :

Being respectful

Being respectful

We are empathetic and treat others the way we'd wish to be treated. And we don't take ourselves too seriously

Being passionate

Being passionate

Have the fire in our belly to do something that elevates the bar for the rest of us. We never stop learning and growing

Working backward

Working backward

We first figure out how does anything we do benefit ManageArtworks and its customers and work backwards from there

Choosing progress over perfection

Choosing progress over perfection

It all boils down to this: Are you doing better than what you did yesterday?

Having clarity of thought

Having clarity of thought

There are no dumb questions when it comes to executing a project

Gender-Diversity and Talent Retention constitute as top benchmarks when evaluating an organization's progress. Here's how we fare on both counts as on Q1, 2021

By gender


Percentage of employed women

Percentage of employed men

By time


At Karomi for :

< 2 years 2 to 5 years > 5 years

Impact you will create

The work you will do will directly impact the functioning of the likes of these brands

We’re Hiring | Apply Now

for team lead product development

Team Lead | Product Development

Not all heroes wear capes but if you can manage a team of highly skilled and efficient developers who build web applications and if your SQL and JQuery knowledge is sound and strong, we’ll design one for you!

market research analyst

Market Research Analyst | Marketing

You call it stalking? We call it research! We need someone who can scan the internet and build a fully functional contact database using LinkedIn and ZoomInfo.

Digital Project Manager1

Digital Project Manager | Marketing

A pre-requisite to this job is that you need to have 12 pairs of hands – because we’re looking for someone who’s amazing at optimizing landing pages and using marketing analytics tools; can innovatively lead a team, has experience with A/B testing, managing projects – the  works! Are you up for the challenge?

Business Development

Business Development Executive | Marketing

Prospects engage with you because your communication skills have a high recall value and you’ve researched their industry and specific pain points. They finally agree to get onboard our platform.This is how we imagine your perfect day will look like at Karomi. Do you agree?

developer full stack

Full Stack Developer | Development

You know the works – SQL, OOPS, .NET, JavaScript, Jquery, Vue and React. You will be solving moderate to complex domain problems and develop the web application. You will literally be responsible for creating a seamless user experience. How does it feel to have so much power?

team lead delivery and operations

Team Lead | Delivery & Operations

If you deftly meet deadlines, actively listen to your client’s requirements, train them well enough to render our help guides useless, handle change requests on the go, you’re clearly an Avengers superhero and yes we’d love to have you on our team.

developer or senior developer

Developer/Sr. Developer | Delivery & Operations

You can implement your client’s requests and requirements in their given timeframe, identify areas for modification and improvement, and correct software defects. You make their wishes come true! Do you also live in a lamp?

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