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5 Costly Packaging Artwork Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

April 19, 2023

Packaging label errors are no joke!

The world of packaging artwork can be a minefield of potential mistakes. Packaging label errors can have serious consequences for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

In this blog, let’s take an interesting dive into the top 5 potential packaging label errors that can turn your product from a smashing success to a costly mess.

  • Typo Troubles: Don’t Let Spelling Errors Ruin Your Packaging Artwork Design

    Nothing undermines a brand’s professionalism quite like a spelling error.

    For instance, a well-known publishing company incurred a hefty fine of $2000 for mistakenly spelling ‘freshly ground black pepper’ as ‘freshly ground black people’ in their recipe for tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto. What a mistake!

    Even the most beautiful packaging design can look sloppy and unprofessional with a simple mistake. Spelling errors can create confusion, affect a product’s perceived quality, and ultimately result in negative reviews and customer dissatisfaction. In some cases, it could be perceived as a counterfeit product.

    A reliable proofing tool can be especially helpful in catching errors that might otherwise go unnoticed, ultimately preventing potential embarrassment and damage to the brand’s image.

    MA One’s Spell Check Tool offers support for over 35 languages and customizable dictionaries, including medical terminology. With spell check, users can confirm spellings in designated areas, choose from various options, and even add comments for incorrectly spelled words in different languages.

  • Chromatic Chaos: Avoid Color Catastrophes in Your Packaging Artwork

    Getting packaging colors wrong can turn a ‘hot’ product into a costly ‘not’ product.

    The use of incorrect color modes, such as RGB instead of CMYK, can lead to visual differences between the intended color and the printed product, potentially affecting its appeal. Again, this could also be recognized as a counterfeit product by the customers.

    One of the most severe consequences of getting packaging artwork colors wrong is the potential for costly product recalls. If a food product’s packaging color is off, it could lead to confusion or misidentification, which could pose a safety risk and require a recall causing the entire batch to be reprinted.

    To avoid these issues, companies should use the correct color mode (CMYK) and ensure that color values are accurately represented in the artwork.

    MA One’s Color Analysis Tool lets users determine ink coverage for specific colors, assess color density in a defined area, and calculate ink diffusion in percentage or area measurements.

  • Barcode Blunders: Prevent Barcode Scanning Mishaps on Your Packaging Labels

    Barcode blunders can be a real “scanning”dal!

    When the barcode on your packaging artwork doesn’t scan, it can cause a host of problems for your business. The type of barcode used, such as 1D and 2D, can affect its ability to be scanned, as can factors like the scan grade and placement on the packaging.
    When a barcode fails to scan, it can lead to a range of issues, from lost sales and frustrated customers to supply chain disruptions and potential regulatory non-compliance. Additionally, if the barcode contains critical information, such as batch numbers or expiry dates, the inability to scan it can have serious consequences for product traceability and safety.

    A quality packaging artwork proofing tool can help you prevent barcode blunders and keep your business processes smooth and running.

    MA One’s Barcode Analysis Tool can identify and verify 1D, 2D, and 3D barcodes while measuring and grading their quality based on ISO/IEC standards. It can also measure magnification, scan grade, maximum and minimum reflectance, among other things.

  • Font Faux Pas: Avoid Font Errors in Your Packaging Artwork Design

    Picture this: your product is ready to hit the shelves, and you’ve invested time and effort into designing the perfect packaging artwork. But when the labels come back from the printer, you notice something amiss – font errors!

    Incorrect font sizes, styles, or missing fonts can compromise the overall aesthetic, legibility, and even convey unprofessionalism to customers. They can also affect regulatory compliance, especially if your packaging contains important information.

    Additionally, font errors can also affect regulatory compliance, especially if your packaging contains important information like ingredient lists, legal disclaimers, or usage instructions.

    MA One’s Font Analysis Tool can help determine the name and size of the font used, as well as the height of capital and lowercase letters (cap-height and x-height, respectively).

    Remember, in the world of packaging artwork, the devil is in the font details. So, be vigilant and prevent font errors on your packaging artwork.

  • Versioning confusion: Steer Clear of Packaging Artwork Versioning Errors

    Discrepancies between two versions of your artwork can lead to inconsistencies or errors in the final artwork.

    Differences between two versions of artwork can have various consequences, including inconsistent messaging, visual inconsistencies, branding issues, compliance or regulatory issues, revisions or delays, and client dissatisfaction. These differences can impact the accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness of the artwork, as well as result in legal, financial, or reputational consequences.

    Proofreading versions of your artwork is crucial to identify and address any pixel differences early on, ensuring that the final artwork meets the desired design standards and avoids potential negative outcomes.

    MA One’s Pixel Comparison Tool can be used to compare two versions of packaging artwork and identify any differences in images and text. Additionally, you can disregard irrelevant differences and add comments to differences for further context.

From damaging a brand’s reputation to causing safety risks and costly product recalls, it’s clear that attention to detail is crucial in the world of packaging artwork.

This is where MA One – your go to AI driven artwork proofing solution comes to the rescue.

Be proactive and artwork proof your labels to catch potential errors early and avoid these pitfalls.

Try MA One for free today!

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