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Scenario 5: Can someone find the artwork for the promo we ran last spring?

June 28, 2019

“Farhan managed that promo. The files must be in his laptop.”

“But that laptop was wiped clean and re-assigned to someone after he left.”

“I am sure the IT took a backup of his drives.”

IT came up with an external hard disk that had all of Farhan’s files. It took them 30 minutes to figure out the file organization Farhan had used. They searched under folders named after the product lines. They also looked in the various brand folders. They were so desperate now that they started sifting through My Pictures and My Documents. They failed to locate the file as they were not sure about the filename or any metadata that could be of help.

“Maybe we should search in our company’s Google Drive account.”

No luck.

“Drop box?”


Without the actual file name, it is hard to locate the file. They decided to get Farhan on the phone.

You don’t have to if you are using ManageArtworks because all approved artwork files are released into the asset library with associated metadata. The robust search functionality allows you to perform search with one or more attributes tagged to the artwork to narrow down the results. Rest assured you will be able to retrieve the latest approved version of the artwork in seconds. Find what you want anytime every time.

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