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Optimize Workflows, Minimize Labeling Errors, and Stay Compliant in your Packaging with ManageArtworks

October 10, 2023

ManageArtworks offers cloud-based solutions that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and efficiently manage their packaging artwork and labeling process.

With ManageArtworks, you can:

Optimize Workflows:

  • ManageArtworks provides a central repository for all of your packaging artworks, labelling data, and design files making it easy to access and manage your files.
  • You can include internal and external stakeholders in your workflows and collaborate with them.
  • Access version control, track audit trails, customize serial and parallel approval routing, and streamline your labeling process.
  • Content Collation: Collate, approve, and manage your packaging and labeling content easily. ManageArtworks helps you centralize all your packaging and labeling content, by bringing in all your stakeholders onto one platform, whether it’s your marketing team, regulatory experts, or external agencies.

Minimize Labeling Errors:

  • ManageArtworks includes a number of AI-powered proofing tools that can help you minimize labeling errors.
  • You can utilize AI-powered features to proofread and compare your packaging artworks and labels against your packaging content or different versions of your files to catch inconsistencies. These features enable you to conduct a spell check on your artwork, analyze fonts, texts, colors, layers, and barcodes, and also download comprehensive reports of your proofs.

Stay Compliant:

  • ManageArtworks helps you stay compliant with a variety of data privacy and security regulations, such as role-based access control and audit trails.
  • You can also customize templates as per your regulatory requirements and different markets of sale.

How to Use ManageArtworks to Optimize Your Packaging Labeling Process?

With ManageArtworks,


  • Create a central repository for all of your packaging artwork. This will make it easy to access and manage your files.
  • Use workflow tools to streamline your labeling process. For example, you can use version control to track changes to your labels and approval routing to get approval from stakeholders quickly and easily.
  • Use AI-powered proofing tools to review and approve your designs as well as inspect your print proofs.
  • Include your internal and external stakeholders such as vendors, suppliers, designers, and translators into your workflows through secure user-based access. This allows you to carry out your packaging process with ease.
  • Access annotation features to make it easy for your team to review your packaging design with ease.
  • Through reporting features to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.


With ManageArtworks various features, you can ensure a packaging and labeling process that is efficient, accurate, and compliant.

To learn more about how ManageArtworks can specifically enhance your packaging artwork and labeling process, get in touch with us today.


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