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Why should Artwork Management Software be integrated with SAP? – Part 3

January 7, 2016

Stock Information

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Product re-launch, Regulatory changes and Competition are some of the reasons why artworks need to change.  It so often happens that marketing or regulatory departments are not aware of the printed material stock available across the manufacturing plants or print orders given to vendors that are currently under execution. When an artwork change has to be made, access to this stock information can save the company significant money which otherwise would be lost due to packaging write-off.

ManageArtworks integrates with SAP to bring this information to the user, so that decisions can be made to either exhaust the stock before the new printed material is used or go ahead with the write-off. Either way it’s not an afterthought but decisions made with the right data at the right time.

As a possible outcome of the above scenario, there could be multiple artworks for the same SKU that are in commercial production. ManageArtworks supports this by having independent Effective Dates and Obsolete Dates for each Artwork.

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