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Scenario 10: Will we make the launch dates?

March 29, 2019

Artwork Management Challenges – Part 9

Gut feel says we will. Your Excel file which you use to track the artwork projects doesn’t seem to agree. You are convinced the team will pull it together in the last moment. You are losing sleep over the fact that the projects may not make the dates. You follow-up more often with the team and put pressure on them to complete their task.

What your Excel doesn’t tell you is that Mark is out of office next week for 3 days and he is a key person in the regulatory team for artwork approval. It doesn’t tell you that its going to take on the average 18 days to get through an approval cycle. It doesn’t tell you that only 22% of all artwork projects are first-time-right and your current projects will most probably go through a couple of iterations at least before its all approved. So, it really is an educated guess whether the artwork projects will meet the print date so that product launch is not delayed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a system can do all this and predict when the artwork projects will actually go to print. That’s where ManageArtworks can help. It automatically uses data from previous projects, takes into account weekends, holidays and working hours, knows who is out-of-office and who the alternate designated person is so that it can predict the completion date. It automatically computes and recalculates the dates on a continuous basis so that you are always aware of the project completion dates. Whether the project is first-time-right or is undergoing revision, the system determines when the project is likely to finish.

Everyone is aware of what’s going on in the system and whether we will make the launch dates or not.

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