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Will your current packaging artwork review and approval processes fit into ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro?

November 17, 2020

Will your current packaging artwork review and approval processes fit into ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro?

Yes, it will. The automated workflows in ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro fit 99% of all businesses out there

What’s in store?


  1. Will your current packaging artwork review and approval processes fit into ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro?
  2. Here’s what a typical studio artwork approval workflow looks like
  3. Here’s what a typical print proof approval workflow looks like
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Plans – Pro500 and Pro750

You’ve been using email to get your packaging artworks approved but now you’re convinced that an artwork management system can bring in more efficiencies. You’re sure that what you need is a system that helps you streamlines your current packaging artwork reviewing and approval processes. You checked out some of the platforms, but they either had implementation or setup fees or had trial periods that didn’t really let you try them out effectively well in realistic scenarios.

And then there’s another concern about whether the system will match your existing processes –

Is there an off-the-shelf system that will adapt to your current review and approval processes?
Do you need to change the way you work ? 
Do you have to get other people to change the way they work?

Yes, ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro does fit 99% of the businesses out there. We encourage you to continue working the way you do but then bring in efficiencies using ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro. Your team will go back to working the way they were except now their workflow will be more streamlined and structure thanks to ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro – a system that will work for you and your team and not the other way round.

Here’s how our workflows will fit your current way of working 

If you want to create a new artwork or revise an existing artwork, typically these are the steps you would follow:

New Artwork

Does this look familiar?

If yes, then we’ve got you covered! This is how a studio artwork approval process looks like :

Step 1: Upload artwork inputs

Artwork inputs are usually collated by an Artwork Coordinator and sent to the Designer. These inputs vary department-wise, these may be:

KLD – Packaging

Brief – Marketing

Specification – Packaging / SCM / Procurement / Supplier

Copy Content – QA / Marketing / Regulatory

Reference Files – other departments

Step 2: Create Artwork:

Designer (Internal / External) uploads the artwork to the system once it’s created.

Step 3: Review Artwork

There can be more than one reviewers. All the reviewers receive the task of reviewing the PDF Artwork simultaneously. Each department have to follow processes to review the artwork. A checklist is created to ensure each step is followed. A reviewer from packaging will have a different checklist from that of a reviewer in Marketing.

Lets say that there are 3 reviewers . The Artwork will be sent to the Approver(s) once they have finished reviewing it.

Even if one of them is not okay with the artwork, the system will wait until all the reviewers have completed their review and then sends the file back to the designer so that he / she can upload the 2nd version of the Artwork. Once the 2nd version is available , you can compare it with the 1st version and identify changes both from the text and image standpoint.

Step 4: Approve Artwork

If an Artwork is pending with Approver(s), it means that all the reviewers are okay with the Artwork. Similar to the Review stage, once all the Approvers approve, the Artwork is sent to the next activity “Upload Source Files”.

Proofing the printed version of your artwork

So your next job is to approve the print proof and make sure it’s compliant and ready to hit the shelves on time.

This is what typically happens when a print version of your artwork is up for review:

Print Version

Does this look similar to your current print proofing process? 

If it does, we’ve got you covered with the print proof approval workflow that does essentially just that!

Step 5: Upload Source Files:

Here the designer uploads the Adobe Illustrator / Coreldraw / Indesign files or others. The next step is the print ready files being sent to the Printer.

If these are the only activities that are selected, then the flow is complete.

Step 6: Print Proof Upload

If the upload proof option is selected, then the printer / customer / supplier attaches the PDF Proof files.

If the next step of proof approval is selected, then the proof is sent for approval to those users where basically the digital artwork sent by the designer and the PDF file uploaded by the Printer are compared.

Step 7: Print Proof Approval

If all goes well, your artwork is ready. If not, the Printer will be referred to the changes required and the process of the ‘Upload Source Files’ will repeat until the printed artwork is good to go.

So you see, nothing essentially changes with the way you work when it comes to artwork creation, revision and print proof approval workflows.

You might be wondering… 
  1. Do I need to create a new workflow process for every new project?

Nope. You can create, save and use common workflows that have been used in the past and use them as templates for all future projects

  1. I would like to approve my studio artwork but I don’t need my print proofs approved. Will that be an issue?

Not at all. This workflow is completely configurable. You can use the Studio Artwork Approval Process workflow without any restraints of having to use the Print Proof approval workflow as well.

  1. My digital artwork remains the same but all I want is to approve my Print Proof. How do I do that?

So let’s say you have a new Print Vendor and you just want to have your designer send the artwork to him. Typically, the vendor will reply with the print proof attached via email to show you how the final printed artwork for release will look like. With ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro, the vendor will send the print proof file through the ManageArtworks system which you can directly access on your Print Proof Approval Workflow without having to go through the steps involved in the Studio Approval Artwork Workflow.

If you’re convinced, why don’t you give ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro a try? It’s completely free for 10 artworks. 

You’ve got 2 plans to choose from based on the volume of artworks (both new and revised) churned out by organizations


Choose the one that suits you best



What are you waiting for?

To know more about the Artwork Review Pro
system, please Click here

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