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Give ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro a shot. It’s free for 10 artworks!

October 27, 2020

We’re offering our Artwork Review Pro system

a) free of cost for 10 artworks approvals and more importantly;

b) for an unlimited time period

What’s in store?

  1. Your journey of choosing an artwork management system
  2. ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro
  3. Your use-cases with ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro
  4. Plans – Pro 500 and Pro 750

Your journey of choosing an artwork management system

You started out with a small team. Managing demand for your product was easy. Managing your packaging artworks wasn’t that complicated either.

Fast-forward to now. The world has changed phenomenally given the circumstances and so has customer buying behavior. Requests are piling in to manufacture more units and even expand into more SKU variants. You find yourself pressed for time. Launch dates keep getting postponed and approving artworks is taking longer than before. Your teams might be working in silos so far and it’s getting difficult to get them to collaborate effectively. It’s hard to keep a track of reworks that your artworks go through.

You’ve decided to create some order out of this chaos. You want some kind of a system to take care of the routine work so that you can spend some quality time on improving your product or thinking about your next strategy to get more people to use it.

You google – ‘packaging artwork software’ and about 3 or 4 options pop up. You’ve probably not used one before so you’re also not sure about what parameters to compare them up against.

It doesn’t help that almost all options are talking about the need to implement artwork systems and that there are processes that should be mapped out. But while making these claims, they aren’t really giving you a fair chance to try their product out. There are hardly any players that offer you a free access to an artwork management system to know if it fits your business. Even if they oblige, they’ll either offer you a free trial for a few days or you’ll be given restricted access to their features for a longer trial period.

You don’t know how complex will it be, you’re not able to truly experience the system at your own pace and it doesn’t make sense to come up with new or dummy artworks just to try their system out. You want to use it in real-life scenarios where challenges are far more complex than the use-case ones and you want to see if the system can deliver under such circumstances – which, is a really fair ask.

ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro

We’re offering the Artwork Review Pro system

a) free of cost for 10 artworks approvals and;

b) for an unlimited time period

This means you can access all the features of ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro system along with your colleagues, whenever you want and use them to review, approve and release your artworks without worrying about your account expiring on so-and-so date.

Your use-cases with ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro

Here’s what you get with ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro

  1. Automated Workflow
  2. Asset Library (50 GB)
  3. Image Comparison (PDF vs PDF)
  4. Text Comparison (PDF vs PDF)
  5. Color, Layer, Font & Barcode Recognition
  6. Department-wise Checklists
  7. Standard Reports

Regardless of the time or number of users, these powerful features are up for grabs for 10 artworks. Whether you’re on the verge of:

  1. Creating a new Product/SKU/Component
  2. Introducing offer/promo/combo packs
  3. Revamping an existing SKU design
  4. Introducing a product/SKU in a new country in their language
  5. Updating Labeling changes mandated by regulatory agencies (warning statements, nutrition panel, etc.)
  6. Updating marketing changes (brand colors, logo, etc.)
  7. Updating content on label (addresses of manufacturer/supplier/distributor, customer care info, etc.)

and many more…

Whatever your case be, we’ll let you and your colleagues test these features for approving 10 packaging artworks, no matter how long it takes.

Whatever you do in your system is completely free until you ease into the process and are good and ready to buy.

Plans – Pro 500 and Pro 750

And once you’ve decided to go ahead, these are the two choices we offer for ManageArtworks – Artwork Review Pro based on the volume of artworks produced by organizations.

Choose the one that suits you best



What are you waiting for?

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