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How can a Brand use ManageArtworks?

September 10, 2013

Brands across various industry verticals can manage their packaging artwork creation process from the time a request is made to approving the final print proof.

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food and Beverages
  • Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

The Artwork process starts as a request for a new product or as a change request for an existing product. The artwork brief once reviewed and approved will be sent to the Design team (in-house or external) with the associated Key Line file (if required). Once the artwork is ready as per the brief, the design team uploads the first version of the artwork and the department stakeholders can now review the artwork using the checklist and markup their comments. If corrections are required, a second version is uploaded by the design team and the system allows comparison of the first and the second versions to show what changes have been made.

Once the artwork is approved (could be one or more iterations), the supply chain or procurement team selects the vendors and the artwork goes for printing to these vendors. The artwork source files and the specification document is available to the printer for printing. The soft proofs are uploaded by the vendors and a comparison is made between the approved PDF and the print proof. Color separation and layer separations can be done to check what Pantones have been used and if the colors in the approved PDF are the same as the colors in the print proof. Once approved the artwork process is complete.

The files (Artwork Brief, Artwork PDF, Artwork Source files, Specification document, Print Proofs) uploaded during the process is managed in the Asset Library which is version controlled.

Brand and Marketing managers use the system to collaborate with their internal stakeholders, the design team and vendors through the ManageArtworks system.

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