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Scenario 7: How long would it take to get artworks approved and printed?

June 28, 2019

Janet heads the marketing team at a global beverages company that is on the verge of completing a brand refresh. Going forward, all product labels and promotional material will be based on the new design concept that the board has approved. In addition to creating new brand guidelines for the designers and reviewers, her team is also faced with the unenvious task of artwork revisions.

Before embarking on this journey, she wants to take stock of the processes and the associated timelines. Her first call is to the design agency to get a handle on how long does it take to design a new artwork. Next, she calls the studio which is responsible for revising artworks to get their time estimation. It took her the rest of the week to get hold of internal stakeholders such as R&D, QA, Legal and Supply Chain as they were based at different locations and there was more than one stakeholder in each department. They all gave her a ballpark estimate on how long it takes to review and release an artwork for printing. Obviously, her next call was to the print vendors. She had to average approximate duration for each activity.

Phew! an entire week gone in getting time estimates that is, at best, approximate. Janet would sure wish her company had been using a system like ManageArtworks to route all artwork approvals through the automation engine. Had they done that, she could have just logged in and pulled time-taken reports that are factual and accurate. She could have dissected workflows into activities and gotten data on estimated and actual duration of each activity. Janet would have been delighted to find that the system allows her to generate reports based on past performance of each stakeholder in the process. Visibility, reporting and data-backed decisions are just a few winsome features of a cloud-based artwork management system. To understand the complete solution stack, do visit

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