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Scenario 17: I don’t know if this artwork was approved by legal…

March 29, 2019

Artwork Management Challenges – Part 3

How did it get to the printer without someone noticing this issue? Didn’t anyone run it past legal? Ahhh!

With so many artworks floating around in email inboxes waiting for review and approval, manual follow ups can be time consuming and frustrating. As a project manager you are on top of things but as the volumes go up and deadlines get nearer, some things slip through the crack.

Lucky for you, the mistake was caught before the artwork was printed. Imagine the waste if the issue was found after 25,000 labels were printed! The creative team didn’t think they needed to send the artwork to the legal team for review, but now legal wants to add a  symbol (registered trademark) to the brand name. Is this the first time something like this happened? Will it happen again? You cross your fingers and hope not, but you know its definitely possible that a similar situation can happen again.

Wouldn’t it be less confusing if the creative team just creates the artwork and does not worry about who to send it to for review? Of course yes. One option is for the creative team to send the artwork to you and you as the project manager decide who to send it to for review. But that adds more work to your plate and you don’t want to become a bottle neck. The second and less tedious option is for a system to automagically route the artwork to the reviewers.

ManageArtworks has just the system you need to get this done. No more manual follow ups and calls. The right person gets notified at the right time to review an artwork. No one is missed, especially not the legal team. With real-time status report you know who is reviewing what and when.

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