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Initiating an Artwork Request

October 13, 2017

Here’s how you get started

It’s time to look at the rationale behind an artwork request with a case study to explain the modalities adopted to execute an artwork project.

An artwork request is initiated for one of the following reasons:

  1. New Artworks required for a new product or SKU launch
  2. Changes to an existing artwork (text change, Dieline change, etc.)

Let’s illustrate the many ways an artwork request can be initiated using the following example:

A company launches 3 flavors of juice (Grapefruit, Cranberry and Orange) to be sold in 2 bottle sizes (4 fl oz and 8 fl oz). Each SKU has 3 artwork components (front label, back label and cap). So the launch consists of 6 SKUs and 18 artwork components.

Artwork requests can be initiated as a Project (containing multiple SKUs and components) or as individual Artwork Components. Artwork projects with multiple components can flow as a group or be broken up into SKU or component-wise sub-workflows, with each sub-workflow approved individually. So here are 3 ways in which an artwork process can be initiated (using the above example)

1. Single project workflow

Single request with all 18 artwork components moving together for design and approval

2. Multiple workflows based on SKU

A single request initiated but broken up into 6 workflows automatically, one each for the 6 SKUs. Within each workflow there will be 3 artwork components, one each for the front label, back label and bottle cap. The 6 sub-workflows will be for

  • 4 fl oz Grapefruit juice bottle
  • 4 fl oz Cranberry juice bottle
  • 4 fl oz Orange juice bottle
  • 8 fl oz Grapefruit juice bottle
  • 8 fl oz Cranberry juice bottle
  • 8 fl oz Orange juice bottle
3. Multiple workflows based on components

A single request initiated but broken up into 18 workflows automatically, one each for the 18 components.

  1. 4 fl oz Grapefruit juice bottle
    1. Front label
    2. Back Label
    3. Bottle cap
  2. ……

Whether its Pharma, Food or Cosmetic products, the concept of Product, SKU and components are similar and the artwork requests can be initiated in the above 3 ways.

So which is the right way to initiate a request? There isn’t.

There is no right or wrong way to initiate an artwork request. It depends on each organization. Artwork Systems like ManageArtworks provide options to initiate artwork requests in all of the above ways.

The advantage of starting the request as a ‘Project’ is that the initiator has the convenience of raising a single request for all components, instead of spending time raising multiple requests. Also, initiating a request as a ‘Project’ means you are less likely to miss a component or SKU.

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