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Leading WHO-GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturer in India is now on-board ManageArtworks

August 6, 2018

The Madras Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical formulation manufacturer with 5 GMP certified manufacturing locations in India, has chosen ManageArtworks Artwork Management System.

ManageArtworks has a proven record for helping global brands:

    1. Achieve brand and regulatory compliance
    2. Bolster revenue by reducing approval time and packaging write-offs
    3. Speed up time to market with error-free compliant artworks

The Madras Pharmaceuticals, a prestigious addition to our ever growing list of major pharma clients, will benefit from capabilities such as:

  • User-friendly online platform – a complete web based solution
  • Structured Digital Library with Advanced Search and Versioning Capabilities
  • Customized Artwork Approval Workflows
  • Sophisticated Proofing Module
  • Performance Monitoring and Analytics through Dashboard Reporting

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