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ManageArtworks Viewer Capabilities – Part 1

January 12, 2016

ManageArtworks comes with a powerful HTML5 viewer that is integrated with the Workflow and Asset Library.

The purpose of this viewer is to



  1. View PDF Files on the browser without depending on Java, ActiveX or Flash components
  2. Make online collaboration and reviewing quick and easy for all stakeholders
  3. Allow the user to do the following on the PDF Artwork
    1. Annotate
    2. Measure Dimensions
    3. Check Colours
    4. Check Layers
    5. Check Fonts
    6. Verify Barcodes
    7. Check the Embedded Images
    8. Check the Bounding Boxes
    9. Use the checklist to do a structured review of the artwork
    10. View the Audit Log
    11. Zoom, Pan and Rotate the Artwork
    12. Compare between two versions of the Artwork

HTML5 based Viewer

The viewer is HTML5 based, which ensures that the users need not have any Java, ActiveX or Flash plug-ins.

  1. Eliminates the need for Adobe application on the desktop – Users can View, Review and Annotate using the web viewer without relying on a native Adobe application or its equivalent to open the PDF file.
  2. Works in any browser – Operates in Internet Explorer (11+), Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and more.
  3. Drastically reduces support requirements – No client installation is necessary
  4. Reduces download time – In a multi-page PDF file, only the first page is loaded and the rest of the pages are loaded as the user scrolls. This lazy loading makes for a good user experience.


As part of the Artwork Approval Process, users need to review the artwork and mark any comments that they have. ManageArtworks supports simultaneous annotations by artwork reviewers.

ManageArtworks provides the following options for commenting on the Artwork

  1. Select Arrow: to point or select an object in the file
  2. Inline Text: to add visible comments on the artwork

Text Highlight

  1. Text Underline
  2. Text Strikeout
  3. Draw Shapes

Draw Lines

Free Hand Drawing

Users can also change the Font Name, Font Size and Font Colour of the Annotations. Every annotation made by an user is saved with the type of annotation, the name of the person who made the annotation and the timestamp when it was made.

Users can move, delete and change their own annotations, but cannot modify annotations made by other users. However, users can view the annotations made by other users in real-time. Option to switch users and see their annotations is available.

Annotations are saved as a layer on the artwork and does not modify the original artwork file. These annotations are specific to a version of the artwork and hence each version of the artwork can have its own annotations. Depending on the version of artwork loaded into the viewer, the respective annotations are automatically loaded

 Click here for Part 2

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