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Top 10 reasons to use an AMS for your Artwork Workflows

April 8, 2019

  1. Customisable workflow that meets the customer’s requirement
  2. Serial and Parallel workflow tasks
  3. Workflow templates and business rules that automatically decide which activity to perform next and which user to assign it to
  4. Ability to set activity durations and deadlines which generates alerts and reminders
  5. Real-time status tracking which shows each project is in which activity and with whom
  6. Ability to attach files and forms with the workflow
  7. Flexibility to forward tasks to others, pull-back if something was submitted wrongly, terminate if project is cancelled and delegate to others if you are out-of-office
  8. Audit log which shows who did what and when from start to finish
  9. Ability to setup workflow that connects internal department users, external agencies and print vendors
  10. Workflow and data capture forms can be updated later as your business requirements change

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