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Scenario 9: I assumed you reviewed the artwork already

June 28, 2019

In your company, you break down artwork design and approval into a sequence of steps and assign specific tasks to individuals. Review is often an activity which requires participation of many stakeholders from different departments. It is important that everyone who is assigned the review responsibility share their comments with the designer. In system-speak, review is an “all must participate” phase. More often than not, draft artwork goes through multiple iterations before all the stakeholders sign-off on the final design. In such a scenario, you have to ensure that none of the reviewers are missed out during any iteration.

Imagine having a system at your disposal that allows you to automate artwork design and approval workflow by defining tasks and setting duration for each activity. All you need to do to initiate an artwork project is fill a form with information related to the particular artwork that has to be designed, upload a brief or any other supporting files and map the stakeholders. Business logic such as “all must approve” can be pre-defined. The system will hold and not allow the workflow to proceed to the next step until this logic is satisfied. There is also an activity log that contains the name of the participant against each task, action taken by that participant along with the date and time of completion.

With a system like ManageArtworks, you no longer need to assume that Jack from legal has reviewed your artwork during the third design iteration. You can rest assured that the final approved design is signed-off by all stakeholders in the approval process.

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