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Scenario 8: Please share the status. I need to update the excel for the meeting.

June 28, 2019

Your company has planned a dozen product launches this year, 60% of which are new products and the remaining 40% are line extensions. Almost every month, there is a deadline to meet. As someone who is in charge of getting the pack labels sorted for the upcoming launches, you are part of weekly review meetings.

There are at least two draft artworks under review at any given point of time involving different set of stakeholders. Being a thorough professional, you are tracking these artwork projects using an excel spreadsheet. But you still need timely inputs from the other stakeholders. Until they respond, there is no way for you to know the status of these artwork projects. Some of these stakeholders could be the heads of departments such as R&D, Legal, Regulatory Affairs etc. For them, your artwork project is another item in their burgeoning to-do list. How many reminders do you send?

Zero, if you have routed these artwork projects through an AI-powered artwork management system like ManageArtworks, where you can log in at any time to quickly understand the status of these projects including identifying the bottlenecks. For instance, you see that it is pending with Linda from Regulatory but you know she is traveling on business for the next few days, you could ask her to designate another user from her team to complete the task for her. All this could be accomplished with a click of a button. Bye-bye repeated phone calls and follow-ups.

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