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Scenario 14: Whose job was it to check the barcodes?

March 29, 2019

Artwork Management Challenges – Part 6

The artwork is typically emailed to 3-4 departments for review and approval. While everyone knows by practice who-needs-to-check-what in the artwork, it’s not codified and repeatable. So someone new in the department who is substituting for a co-worker can easily miss checking the barcodes. Even if the user remembers to check the barcode, the process of doing so is tedious. Barcode checking involves checking barcode type, size, placement and quality. Doing this manually is virtually impossible.

ManageArtworks includes a built-in barcode verification tool that can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. The checks include compliance with global standards, size, color, print quality, print contrast, magnification, numbering, light margins, bar width, representation, check digit calculation, and more. Doing a barcode verification before you print the artwork is important for 2 reasons

  1. Avoid having to re-design or re-print product labels due to ineffective or unworkable barcodes
  2. Make sure product barcodes will scan correctly at POS terminals with retailers worldwide

The barcode verification, grades the quality of barcodes according to established standards. It assigns a quality grade to them, expressed as a letter grade (A through F). Typically, a barcode with a grade of C or better is considered a passing code and 100% scannable.

In today’s retail sector, its estimated that large chain stores lose over $20 million per year in revenue due to poor quality barcodes – and these businesses are now striking back with large fines for failing to meet industry requirements. Verifying your barcodes ensures that they meet all ISO quality standards, it ensures they can be read by all barcode scanners and provides peace of mind that your codes will function properly on your product anywhere in the world.

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