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Scenario 11: Why is Bob sitting on the artwork for so long?

March 29, 2019

Artwork Management Challenges – Part 10

You have been following up for the past 10 days and Bob has still not finished reviewing the artwork. First it was, “I will get to it tomorrow” and now it is “I am working on it”. Bob is a sincere guy and there is no reason to believe he is a slacker.

Does this happen more often than you like and with others too? Well, delays in artwork review are to be expected when you are doing it manually. Artwork review is tedious and can suck up a lot of time as you go through a checklist in your mind. So, people tend to put it off to another time when they can do the complete review. It’s not possible to review it in bits and pieces and the only way to do it is to block a chunk of time and get it done at one go.

Even after you do get to the point of reviewing it, you are relying on gut feel to ‘Ok’ the artwork. Whether it is checking the correctness of the font size as per regulation, validating the barcode or inspecting the color it’s really hard to do it without a suitable tool. When it comes to comparing two versions of the artwork or comparing the text in a word document with the text in the artwork PDF, it’s a high probability that you will miss some things while you eye-ball the two files back and forth.

Postponing artwork review for want of time and not having the right tools are the top two reasons for artwork delay. This is precisely the area where ManageArtworks can help. Check out our proofing tools and see how quickly you can complete your tasks with automated compare and a whole suite of convenient tools to check fonts, barcode, color and more.

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