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Why you should Preflight your Packaging Artwork and Labels? – Part 2

December 22, 2015

Page Specific Settings

  • Check that no CropBox is present and that there are no page elements beyond the MediaBox.
  • The page size and orientation for all pages of a PDF file should be equal.
  • No empty pages in between

part 2


  • Check if the PDF contains white text set to overprint. Such text may be visible when the text is watched on-screen but it disappears in print.
  • Very small text quickly becomes either illegible or difficult to print when it is colored.
  • Some EU regulation for packaging requires that the x-height (the size of a small character without ascender) be a minimum of 0.9 mm. The EU food regulations require that mandatory text information on the package should have an x-height of at least 1.2 mm
  • The file must not contain white text set to overprint


  • All fonts should be included (embedded) in the PDF file. This is done to avoid that an incorrect font is used, which could lead to text becoming illegible or part of the text disappearing.
  • When a certain font is not available during the PDF creation, it typically gets replaced by Courier. To avoid printing a PDF with missing fonts, check that no Courier font is present in the file. Designers who want to use Courier on purpose, can use variants like ‘Courier New’, which are not flagged during preflight.

ManageArtworks is a Packaging Artwork Management Software that helps regulated industries like Pharmaceuticals and CPG to ensure regulatory compliance of their pack labels. It connects all stakeholders into an automated workflow, empowers users with sophisticated proofing tools including Preflight tools that reduce errors and minimize cost of reprints and gives complete transparency to the entire process with approval request tracking, audit trails and dashboards.

ManageArtworks is available as a ready to use cloud product or as a configurable on premise solution.

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Click here for PART 1                                                                                                        Click here for PART 3

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